Adam Henry


ADAM HENRY is the euphemism law enforcement use over police scanners. The ‘A.H.’ stands for the famed slang describing a person beyond despicable.

The world of ADAM HENRY is maybe five minutes in the future. This international page-turning thriller is filled with tyrants petty to splendiferous, thieves, perverts, liars, bullies, cheats, terrorists, people who sneak illegal extra charges onto your credit card bills and the waitress who spits phlegm into your soup.

Our nameless hero is TV features reporter, a good but modern man who can only walk away from difficult decisions. The reporter is offered a chance to become the most influential person in history. In a tony San Francisco pub, he meets Wesley, a mysterious figure who has been chained in a basement cell of a Jerusalem monastery and closely guarded by Vatican security. Wesley constantly escapes. He shows up in odd places — wilderness videos, remote Afghan villages, the White House. Wesley shadows the reporter, saving him from assassins and pressuring him to push the mysterious Adam Henry Button. Even the hero’s childhood best friend and military intelligence operative, the haunted David Forrester, is following him.

There are many questions. How do you know who is a villain or who is just having a bad day? If there is a soul, will the hero lose his in such an act of spiritual pride? International events spin wildly in the hunt for the mysterious Wesley and our hero.

The clock is ticking down toward this apocalypse of common monsters. The humble reporter is the target of a worldwide manhunt because behind many structures of power are Adam Henry’s. Wesley points out that many times, Earth has been visited by mass extinctions. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the next were attitude-oriented? But our hero is visited with another rare opportunity. He finally gets to be with his soul mate, a beautiful teacher named Riley. He loves Riley and her 8-year-old boy. He just wants to live in his yuppie concentration camp condo, play basketball, eat ice cream and be happy within the endless confines of the rarest of dimensions — the perfect marriage.

After the deadline seems to pass without event, the world opens up for the reporter. He gains wealth, fame, freedom and even contentment.

ADAM HENRY isn’t about saving the Super Bowl or some black-hearted, smiling-out-of-context politician. It isn’t about stopping a bomb or rocket launch, rescuing the World Cup or saving the Pope or the Girl Scouts.

ADAM HENRY is what Einstein noted, that: "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." It's about us on a daily basis and about what happens when we turn our back and walk away from tough choices, whether it’s standing up to evil or pushing the ADAM HENRY button.


"This new novel by John Boston is a truly great read. Suspenseful and timely; compelling, witty, and well-paced, I found myself both entertained and deeply touched by Adam Henry. While very different from Boston's memorable and well-loved earlier novel, NAKED CAME THE SASQUATCH, I'm happy to report that ADAM HENRY is equally as enjoyable, and does not disappoint. I recommend it most highly."

— Janice Ashton • Caldwell, Idaho

"In my opinion a great book should bring out your emotions & provoke thought.  Adam Henry is one of those rare gems that made me laugh, cry and most importantly, question myself… Would I? Could I? Should I push The Button?

What if the human race could evolve based not on the survival of the fittest, but on survival of the nicest?

ADAM HENRY is a twisting, turning saga of a man offered the opportunity of lifetimes.  Laugh out loud funny, pass the Kleenex emotional and extremely thought provoking.

John Boston has delivered yet another literary cracker in his own unique style that has had me literally stalking him for more. "

— Gillian Abram • London, England

"ADAM HENRY is a truly inventive book.  Not only do the characters engage and pull you through the story, but they compel you to think. I found myself questioning and discovering things about myself.  It is the kind of book that begs to be read multiple times."

— Robert K. Becker • Phoenix, AZ

"Writing with a dry and teasing sense of humor, and an understanding of the emotional burdens we carry, John Boston illustrates the deceptive nature of black and white. ADAM HENRY poses a question that leaves you contemplating (and second-guessing) the meaning of right and wrong. It's a difficult book to describe without giving away the secrets and suspense that propel the story along at such an engaging pace. A wonderfully engaging book!"

— Stefanie Kokot • San Francisco, CA

“At my age, I stayed up all night to finish reading ADAM HENRY and found it to be the most of guilty pleasures.”

— Al Hart • Dave Barry’s Literary Agent • Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania

“I’d been reading and enjoying John’s columns for years.  A newspaper editorial and a work of fiction however are different animals.  ADAM HENRY was indeed a different animal. It was lyrical and deeply felt. The characters haddepth. The story surrounded me. The words caused me to think. ADAM HENRY mixes a Boston's unique style with an intriguing story and a priceless, classic Buick.  What more could a reader ask for? Bravo!”

— Paul Lawrence • San Juan Capistrano, California.

Adam Henry