"The strongest human emotion is neither sex nor fear,
hate nor love. It is the desire to edit another person's copy."
— Anonymous

'ART HAS MANY ENEMIES, EVEN IN A PLACE AS DESOLATE AS BASIN VALLEY.' So begins Chapter One of the long-awaited second volume of the Naked series.

The cast of Naked Came the Sasquatch return in the sequel, Naked Came the Clownpire. Heroes Mike Fenberg and his wife, Elaine Mitikitski, return to lead a rag tag group of eye-wateringly awful novelists in a weekly writers' group. One by one, someone, or — how we love this disclaimer — someTHING is killing the authors. Is it Mrs. Mitikitski, mother and witch? Fenberg's brother, the barroom brawling zen master, John Tuberski? A werewolf? A vampire? A clownpire? Be ready for it. The sequel is thrice as funny as the first.